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Photo Prompt by J Hardy Carrol
Friday Fictioneers

My friend Rachael messages me this morning at like 6 AM saying that I should write more. She shows me a picture of a story submission to Glimmer Train from 2012. S/N I hate Glimmer Train btw, you have to pay them to submit a short story. I'm a cheap bastard.

I haven't written anything publicly since my first and last entry of this blog in May 2017. I haven't written anything privately since maybe December? I'm not even sure. The point is, and Rachael is right, I should write more.

I complained to her that, "I want to make money and writing is a long con with no guaranteed pay off." I make jewelry. Jewelry making makes me happy. Jewelry Making pays for cat food. Jewelry Making buys wine. I don't even drink wine often, but I can because of Jewelry Making. The one place I got published, hasn't sold enough for a royalty check, and I doubt it ever will.

But Rachael is right. I made some excuses that none of my projects are short enough to bang out quickly. I mentioned how The New God is sitting unfinished at somewhere near 137,000 words and that's not even the half way point. The New God hasn't had any new words since 2016. I said maybe if I can squeeze out something smaller like a 60,000 word something, then maybe I might take my hobby back. It was an excuse though. The fact is, I just haven't thought about it seriously.

Rachael offered to do a story with me. Something to brainstorm together, to be fun. I said 20,000 words, because yeah I think I might be able to do that in a weekend or two. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, "it won't be any good, but whatever." She says, maybe something smaller. This is where Friday Fictioneers springs forth from my brain like an old dusty record. The scratches are welcome and even the skip in the music is an old friend.

Even if I never get back to writing consistently, I have to thank Rachael for getting me to take a moment for this exercise. I miss it, and the randomness of the photo prompts.

The Rocky Gym (99 Words)

“Hey look it’s a Rocky Gym!”
“What’s Rocky Gym? And aren’t you supposed to be checking the map on your phone? Pay attention. We’re so lost.”
“I am paying attention. Look at the corner.”
“Oh my God! It’s really a Rocky Gym.”
“I know right! Any second now a squnity eyed old man is gonna shuffle out the door with a bucket of bloody spit.”
Teri gasps in horror. “Don’t they have indoor plumbing?”

Jane narrowed her eyes at Teri. “You can’t be this dumb. Pull over; I’m driving now. You probably got us lost in the first place.”

The Blog Hop is around here somewhere, so check out Addicted to Purple for instructions on how to do that.


  1. Cute! Welcome back to writing.
    I started in FF very hesitantly. Thanks to everyone's encouragement I am now in full steam.
    Hope it will be the same for you and the scratched record gets you singing again!

    1. I don't know if I will be consistent, but it feels good to return. Thank you

  2. Dear Atiya,

    I smiled when I saw your face in the inLinkz. Long time no see. Give my personal thanks to Racheal for your story. Gritty and well done.



    1. Rochelle,
      I actually gave Rachael all the links so that she can also participate. Hopefully she does and she'll see your thanks herself. I will tell her though, because she does deserve that credit. It is great to hear from you.


  3. What a great comeback story, Atiya! I loved it.

  4. There should be more Rocky gym's, it's all too commercialsed now. Great little scene.

    1. Truthfully, I am intimidated by gyms like these. They are all full of just the community, like a club where not everyone is invited. Some of the stories I've read, for this prompt, even have that sort of feeling dripping from them. They do serve a great purpose for the community though, and you'd never find that in a commercialized setting.

  5. What a great return to FF - brilliant dialogue.

  6. A comeback with a Rocky Gym? How appropriate is that! I like your story, Atiya.


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